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Look for me : a novel Look for me : a novel
Gardner, Lisa.
The deceivers The deceivers
Berenson, Alex.
Night moves Night moves
Kellerman, Jonathan.
All-American murder : the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers All-American murder : the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row
Patterson, James, 1947-
Happiness is a choice you make : lessons from a year among the oldest old Happiness is a choice you make : lessons from a year among the oldest old
Leland, John, 1959-
White houses : a novel White houses : a novel
Bloom, Amy, 1953-
Only killers and thieves : a novel Only killers and thieves : a novel
Howarth, Paul.
Into the black nowhere Into the black nowhere
Gardiner, Meg.
The gate keeper The gate keeper
Todd, Charles.
The atomic city girls : a novel The atomic city girls : a novel
Beard, Janet.
A death in Live Oak A death in Live Oak
Grippando, James, 1958-
The whispering room The whispering room
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
Blood sisters : a novel Blood sisters : a novel
Corry, Jane.
The bomb maker The bomb maker
Perry, Thomas.
Need to know Need to know
Michaels, Fern.
The wife between us The wife between us
Hendricks, Greer.
Robicheaux : a novel Robicheaux : a novel
Burke, James Lee, 1936-
Need to know : a novel Need to know : a novel
Cleveland, Karen.
Still me : a novel Still me : a novel
Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
The pope of Palm Beach : a novel The pope of Palm Beach : a novel
Dorsey, Tim.
The monk of Mokha The monk of Mokha
Eggers, Dave.
Light it up Light it up
Petrie, Nicholas.
The wife : a novel The wife : a novel
Burke, Alafair.
Rebel : my life outside the lines Rebel : my life outside the lines
Nolte, Nick.
Spirit of the horse : a celebration in fact and fable Spirit of the horse : a celebration in fact and fable
Shatner, William.
Swimming lessons Swimming lessons
Fuller, Claire.
Rise & shine, Benedict Stone Rise & shine, Benedict Stone
Patrick, Phaedra.
The marriage lie The marriage lie
Belle, Kimberly.
The dressmaker The dressmaker's dowry
Jaeger, Meredith.
The widow The widow's house
Goodman, Carol.
Dying breath Dying breath
Graham, Heather.
The collapsing empire The collapsing empire
Scalzi, John, 1969-
Matchup Matchup
Love story Love story
Kingsbury, Karen.
Indecent exposure Indecent exposure
Woods, Stuart.
The perfect stranger : a novel The perfect stranger : a novel
Miranda, Megan.
Ginny Moon Ginny Moon
Ludwig, Benjamin, 1974-
Lillian boxfish takes a walk Lillian boxfish takes a walk
Rooney, Kathleen, 1980-
Lord of the privateers Lord of the privateers
Laurens, Stephanie.
We : a manifesto for women everywhere We : a manifesto for women everywhere
Anderson, Gillian, 1968-
Agent 110 : an American spymaster and the German underground in WWII Agent 110 : an American spymaster and the German underground in WWII
Miller, Scott, 1960-
The Jersey brothers : a missing naval officer in the Pacific and his family The Jersey brothers : a missing naval officer in the Pacific and his family's quest to bring him home
Freeman, Sally Mott.
Talking to animals : how you can understand animals and they can understand you Talking to animals : how you can understand animals and they can understand you
Katz, Jon.
The new old me : my late-life reinvention The new old me : my late-life reinvention
Maran, Meredith.
Wait for dark Wait for dark
Hooper, Kay.
A Baxter family Christmas A Baxter family Christmas
Kingsbury, Karen.
A life well played : my stories A life well played : my stories
Palmer, Arnold, 1929-2016.
The princess diarist The princess diarist
Fisher, Carrie.
The clairvoyants The clairvoyants
Brown, Karen, 1960-
Behind her eyes Behind her eyes
Pinborough, Sarah, 1972-
The broken road : a novel
Evans, Richard Paul.
Cusk, Rachel, 1967-
Exit west
Hamid, Mohsin, 1971-
A churn for the worse
Bradford, Laura.
Walking on my grave
Hart, Carolyn G.
Golden prey : a novel
Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
Norse mythology
Gaiman, Neil.
Beartown : a novel
Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
The girl who knew too much
Quick, Amanda.
One perfect lie
Scottoline, Lisa.
Any day now
Carr, Robyn.
Fast & loose
Woods, Stuart.
No easy target : a novel
Johansen, Iris.
Robert B. Parker's Little white lies
Atkins, Ace.
Presumption of guilt
Mayor, Archer.
An Irish country cookbook
Taylor, Patrick, 1941-
The case against sugar
Taubes, Gary.
Havana : a subtropical delirium
Kurlansky, Mark.
The road to Jonestown : Jim Jones and Peoples Temple
Guinn, Jeff.
Hi, anxiety : life with a bad case of nerves
Kinsman, Kat, 1972-
Prince Charles : the passions and paradoxes of an improbable life
Smith, Sally Bedell, 1948-
Being a dog : following the dog into a world of smell
Horowitz, Alexandra.
Man on the run
Weber, Carl, 1964-
The ashes of London
Taylor, Andrew, 1951 Oct. 14-
Accidentally on purpose
Shalvis, Jill.
Seams like murder
Hechtman, Betty, 1947-
Expecting to die
Jackson, Lisa.
Ide, Joe.
Drowning tides
Harper, Karen (Karen S.)
Bound together
Feehan, Christine.
The Jane Austen Project : a novel
Flynn, Kathleen, 1966-
Always : a novel
Jio, Sarah.
Days without end : a novel
Barry, Sebastian, 1955-
The runaway midwife
Harman, Patricia, 1943-
The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel
See, Lisa.
Never let you go
Stevens, Chevy.
Under the midnight sun
Higashino, Keigo, 1958-
Coffin Road
May, Peter, 1951-
The dry : a novel
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)
And every morning the way home gets longer and longer : a novella
Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
Goodwin, Daisy.
Crash and burn
Michaels, Fern.
Seeds of deception
Connolly, Sheila.
Cakewalk : a novel
Brown, Rita Mae.
The woman on the stairs
Schlink, Bernhard.
Two good dogs : a novel
Wilson, Susan, 1951-
The twenty-three
Barclay, Linwood.
The terranauts : a novel
Boyle, T. Coraghessan.
Sorrow road : a novel
Keller, Julia.
The nix : a novel
Hill, Nathan, 1975-
Vanilla beaned
McKinlay, Jenn.
When all the girls have gone
Krentz, Jayne Ann.
The trouble with mistletoe
Shalvis, Jill.
Someone to love
Balogh, Mary.
You will know me
Abbott, Megan E., 1971-
The twelve dogs of Christmas
Rosenfelt, David.
Three sisters, three queens
Gregory, Philippa.
Behold the dreamers
Mbue, Imbolo.
I liked my life
Fabiaschi, Abby.
Forever a hero
Miller, Linda Lael.
Earthly remains
Leon, Donna.
All by myself, alone
Clark, Mary Higgins.
The boat rocker
Jin, Ha, 1956-
The horse dancer
Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
The Hollywood daughter : a novel
Alcott, Kate.
Banana cream pie murder
Fluke, Joanne, 1943-
The cutthroat
Cussler, Clive.
The devil's triangle
Coulter, Catherine.
Home sweet home : a novel
Smith, April, 1949-
Chasing shadows
Harper, Karen (Karen S.)
Éclair and present danger
Bradford, Laura.
Ghost times two
Hart, Carolyn G.
Faithful : a novel
Hoffman, Alice.
The girl before : a novel
Delaney, J. P.
Curtain of death
Griffin, W. E. B.
The girl from Venice : a novel
Smith, Martin Cruz, 1942-
The Hamilton affair : a novel
Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth.
Daisy in chains
Bolton, S. J.
Below the belt
Woods, Stuart.
Aunt Dimity's good deed
Atherton, Nancy.
Egg drop dead
Childs, Laura.
Eggnog murder
A change of heart
Dev, Sonali.
Friday on my mind
French, Nicci.
Her darkest nightmare
Novak, Brenda.
Crowned and dangerous
Bowen, Rhys.
Christmas caramel murder
Fluke, Joanne, 1943-
The practical navigator
Metcalfe, Steve.
The Last Chance Olive Ranch
Albert, Susan Wittig.
A perfect obsession
Graham, Heather.
Murder on the serpentine
Perry, Anne.
A million little things
Mallery, Susan.
Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
Saunders, George, 1958-
Pekoe most poison
Childs, Laura.
Man overboard
Jance, J. A. (Judith A.)
So say the fallen
Neville, Stuart, 1972-
Power game
Feehan, Christine.
Into the firestorm
Martin, Kat.
Someone to hold
Balogh, Mary.
Robert B. Parker's Revelation
Knott, Robert, 1954-
Ready player one : a novel
Cline, Ernest.
The other Einstein : a novel
Benedict, Marie.
Shining city : a novel
Rosenstiel, Tom.
Rather be the devil : a novel
Rankin, Ian.
The midnight bell
Higgins, Jack, 1929-
No cats allowed
James, Miranda.
The sleepwalker : a novel
Bohjalian, Chris, 1960-
The Sleeping Beauty killer
Clark, Mary Higgins.
Island of glass
Roberts, Nora.
Knit to be tied
Sefton, Maggie.
Once a soldier
Putney, Mary Jo.
Woods, Sherryl.
Balogh, Mary.
Sex, lies & serious money
Woods, Stuart.
Rosenfelt, David.
Tanenbaum, Robert.
Writer, sailor, soldier, spy : Ernest Hemingway's secret adventures, 1935-1961
Reynolds, Nicholas E.
Once we were sisters : a memoir
Kohler, Sheila.
The gatekeepers : how the White House Chiefs of Staff define every presidency
Whipple, Chris.
Charlton Heston : Hollywood's last icon
Eliot, Marc.
Ray & Joan : the man who made the McDonald's fortune and the woman who gave it all away
Napoli, Lisa, 1963-
The one life we're given : finding the wisdom that waits in your heart
Nepo, Mark.
Born bright : a young girl's journey from nothing to something in America
Mason, C. Nicole, 1976-
The 37th parallel : the secret truth behind America's UFO highway
Mezrich, Ben, 1969-
The glass universe : how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took the measure of the stars
Sobel, Dava.
Radical beauty : how to transform yourself from the inside out
Chopra, Deepak.
I loved her in the movies : memories of Hollywood's legendary actresses
Wagner, Robert, 1930-
Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
Vance, J. D.
Homeward bound : the life of Paul Simon
Carlin, Peter Ames.
They left us everything : a memoir
Johnson, Plum.
Callings : the purpose and passion of work
Isay, David.
Killing the rising sun : how America vanquished World War II Japan
O'Reilly, Bill.
Born to run
Springsteen, Bruce.
Pachinko : a novel
Lee, Min Jin.
Broken trust
Griffin, W. E. B.
Blind sight
O'Connell, Carol, 1947-
The winemakers : a novel of wine and secrets
Moran, Jan.
Tumbledown Manor : a novel
Brown, Helen, 1954-
Dead to the last drop
Coyle, Cleo.
Now and again
Rogan, Charlotte.
Falling : a love story
Green, Jane, 1968-
The excellent Lombards : a novel
Hamilton, Jane, 1957 July 13-
The royal nanny : a novel
Harper, Karen (Karen S.)
Reckless creed
Kava, Alex.
Small great things : a novel
Picoult, Jodi, 1966-
Robert B. Parker's debt to pay
Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956-
Revenge in a cold river
Perry, Anne.
Smooth operator
Woods, Stuart.
The story of the lost child
Ferrante, Elena.
Sunday kind of love
Garlock, Dorothy.
Truly madly guilty
Moriarty, Liane.
Those who leave and those who stay : middle time
Ferrante, Elena.
The story of a new name : youth
Ferrante, Elena.
Hero of the empire : the Boer War, a daring escape and the making of Winston Churchill
Millard, Candice.
The girl who escaped ISIS : this is my story
Khalaf, Farida.
Baggage check
Pullen, M. J. (Manda J.)
Hot milk
Levy, Deborah.
Lady cop makes trouble
Stewart, Amy.
Iris and Ruby
Thomas, Rosie.
Mrs. Jeffries wins the prize
Brightwell, Emily.
Nine women, one dress
Rosen, Jane L.
All the little liars
Harris, Charlaine.
The life she wants : a novel
Carr, Robyn.
Darkest journey
Graham, Heather.
An Irish country love story
Taylor, Patrick, 1941-
Always a cowboy
Miller, Linda Lael.
Apprentice in death
Robb, J. D., 1950-
Behind closed doors : a novel
Paris, B. A.
Scottoline, Lisa.
Dear Mr. M
Koch, Herman, 1953-
Jealous kind : a novel
Burke, James Lee, 1936-
Fast and loose
Michaels, Fern.
Deadly fate
Graham, Heather.
Before we visit the goddess : a novel
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee, 1956-
Die like an eagle
Andrews, Donna.
Illusion town
Castle, Jayne.
Daughters of the bride
Mallery, Susan.
Heroes of the frontier : a novel
Eggers, Dave.
Coulter, Catherine.
Flight patterns
White, Karen (Karen S.)
Put a ring on it
Kendrick, Beth.
Best state ever : a Florida man defends his homeland
Barry, Dave.
Forty autumns : a family's story of courage and survival on both sides of the Berlin Wall
Willner, Nina, 1961-
Darktown : a novel
Mullen, Thomas.
Cruel beautiful world : a novel
Leavitt, Caroline.
Crepe factor
Childs, Laura.
Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938-
Some women
Liebert, Emily.
Dead end street
Connolly, Sheila.
The woman in cabin 10 : a novel
Ware, Ruth.
The angels' share
Ward, J. R., 1969-
The girls in the garden : a novel
Jewell, Lisa.
White bone : a novel
Pearson, Ridley.
Imagine me gone : a novel
Haslett, Adam.
Filthy rich
Patterson, James, 1947-
Rise of the rocket girls : the women who propelled us, from missiles to the moon to Mars
Holt, Nathalia, 1980-
Dimestore : a writer's life
Smith, Lee, 1944-
The singles game : a novel
Weisberger, Lauren, 1977-
He will be my ruin : a novel
Tucker, K. A. (Kathleen A.), 1978-
Jane Steele : a confession
Faye, Lyndsay.
The revolving door of life
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
A cancer in the family : take control of your genetic inheritance
Ross, Theodora.
Grief is a journey : finding your path through loss
Doka, Kenneth J.
Eat, pray, love made me do it : life journeys inspired by the bestselling memoir
Seinfeldia : how a show about nothing changed everything
Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin.
The path : what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life
Puett, Michael J., 1964-
The sleep revolution : transforming your life, one night at a time
Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos, 1950-
Paper : paging through history
Kurlansky, Mark.
I've got sand in all the wrong places
Scottoline, Lisa.
Lab girl
Jahren, Hope.
Above the line : my Wild Oats adventure
MacLaine, Shirley, 1934-
Only in Naples : lessons in food and famiglia from my Italian mother-in-law
Wilson, Katherine, 1974-
City of thorns : nine lives in the world's largest refugee camp
Rawlence, Ben.
Grunt : the curious science of humans at war
Roach, Mary.
Dinner with Edward : a story of an unexpected friendship
Vincent, Isabel, 1965-
The gene : an intimate history
Mukherjee, Siddhartha.
The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu : and their race to save the world's most precious manuscripts
Hammer, Joshua, 1957-
The three battles of Wanat : and other true stories
Bowden, Mark, 1951-
Master of ceremonies : a memoir
Grey, Joel, 1932-
The doctor is in : Dr. Ruth on love, life, and joie de vivre
Westheimer, Ruth K. (Ruth Karola), 1928-
The end of memory : a natural history of aging and Alzheimer's
Ingram, Jay.
Becoming grandma : the joys and science of the new grandparenting
Stahl, Lesley.
Sailor and fiddler : reflections of a 100-year-old author
Wouk, Herman, 1915-
The lucky years : how to thrive in the brave new world of health
Agus, David, 1965-
The sound of gravel : a memoir
Wariner, Ruth.
Their promised land : my grandparents in love and war
Buruma, Ian.
Dear Mr. You
Parker, Mary-Louise.
And then all hell broke loose : two decades in the Middle East
Engel, Richard, 1973-
1944 : FDR and the year that changed history
Winik, Jay, 1957-
Timmer, Julie Lawson.
Tall tail
Brown, Rita Mae.
The weekenders : a novel
Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
Try not to breathe
Seddon, Holly.
They may not mean to, but they do
Schine, Cathleen.
That darkness
Black, Lisa, 1963-
Thursday's children
French, Nicci.
Time of fog and fire
Bowen, Rhys.
You are dead
James, Peter, 1948-
The Swans of Fifth Avenue : a novel
Benjamin, Melanie, 1962-
A winter wedding
Novak, Brenda.
A gala event
Connolly, Sheila.
I let you go : a novel
Mackintosh, Clare.
The house of dreams
Brown, Kate Lord.
Guilty minds : a novel
Finder, Joseph.
Foreign agent : a thriller
Thor, Brad.
First comes love : a novel
Giffin, Emily.
Discovering you
Novak, Brenda.
Don't you cry
Kubica, Mary.
The Emperor's revenge
Cussler, Clive.
Haunted destiny
Graham, Heather.
Dishonorable intentions
Woods, Stuart.
End of watch : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947-
A fool for a client
Hall, Parnell.
Fire bound
Feehan, Christine.
Forty thieves
Perry, Thomas, 1947-
Hide away
Johansen, Iris.
Extreme prey : a novel
Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
Into the fury
Martin, Kat.
Fighting dirty
Foster, Lori, 1958-
Desperate measures : a mystery
Bannister, Jo.
The haunted season
Malliet, G. M., 1951-
The first order
Abbott, Jeff.
Bay of sighs
Roberts, Nora.
Crowned and moldering
Carlisle, Kate, 1951-
All things cease to appear : a novel
Brundage, Elizabeth.
The city of mirrors
Cronin, Justin.
Aunt Dimity and the buried treasure
Atherton, Nancy.
Boar Island
Barr, Nevada.
City of secrets : a novel
O'Nan, Stewart, 1961-
'Til death do us part
Quick, Amanda.
Best of my love
Mallery, Susan.
Deep blue
White, Randy Wayne.
As time goes by : a novel
Clark, Mary Higgins.
The 14th colony : a novel
Berry, Steve, 1955-
Blackout : a thriller
Rosenfelt, David.
And West is West : a novel
Childress, Ron, 1956-
Dark chocolate demise
McKinlay, Jenn.
Blood, salt, water
Mina, Denise.
The chocolate falcon fraud
Carl, JoAnna.
Dearest rogue
Hoyt, Elizabeth, 1970-
Moriarty : a novel
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
Ashley Bell
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
Six geese a-slaying
Andrews, Donna.
The diamond caper
Mayle, Peter.
Cook, Robin, 1940-
The last painting of Sara De Vos : a novel
Smith, Dominic, 1971-
Someone always knows
Muller, Marcia.
Into the whirlwind
Martin, Kat.
My brilliant friend : childhood, adolescence
Ferrante, Elena.
The sorcerer's daughter
Brooks, Terry.
Somewhere out there : a novel
Hatvany, Amy, 1972-
The noise of time : a novel
Barnes, Julian.
Murder in the paperback parlor
Adams, Ellery.
Katherine of Aragon, the true queen
Weir, Alison, 1951-
Mercy : a novel
Palmer, Daniel, 1962-
One with you
Day, Sylvia.
The lion's mouth
Holt, Anne, 1958-
Nobody but you
Shalvis, Jill.
Night shift
Harris, Charlaine.
Robert B. Parker's slow burn
Atkins, Ace.
Redemption road : a novel
Hart, John, 1965-
The rebel
Perry, Marta.
A man called Ove : a novel
Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
Most wanted
Scottoline, Lisa.
Once a rancher
Miller, Linda Lael.
The mare : a novel
Gaitskill, Mary, 1954-
Privy to the dead
Connolly, Sheila.
Off the grid
Box, C. J.
The passenger : a novel
Lutz, Lisa.
Savannah blues
Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
Not always a saint
Putney, Mary Jo.
Jade Dragon Mountain
Hart, Elsa.
A root awakening
Collins, Kate, 1951-
Ripped from the pages
Carlisle, Kate, 1951-
Year of yes
Rhimes, Shonda.
The gratitude diaries : how a year looking on the bright side transformed my life
Kaplan, Janice.
Between the world and me
Coates, Ta-Nehisi.
The geography of genius : a search for the world's most creative places, from ancient Athens to Silicon Valley
Weiner, Eric, 1963-
Deep South : four seasons on back roads
Theroux, Paul.
Ardennes 1944 : the Battle of the Bulge
Beevor, Antony, 1946-
The shepherd's life : modern dispatches from an ancient landscape
Rebanks, James.
Fear of dying
Jong, Erica.
Fates and furies : a novel
Groff, Lauren.
But enough about me : a memoir
Reynolds, Burt.
Morning star
Brown, Pierce, 1988-
Saturn run
Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
Between the living and the dead
Crider, Bill, 1941-
The art of war : a novel
Coonts, Stephen, 1946-
The man who fell from the sky
Coel, Margaret, 1937-
Mrs. Sinclair's suitcase : a novel
Walters, Louise.
Last bus to wisdom : a novel
Doig, Ivan.
Fortune smiles : stories
Johnson, Adam, 1967-
The Lady's command
Laurens, Stephanie.
The forgotten soldier
Taylor, Brad, 1965-
Scents and sensibility
Quinn, Spencer.
Scandalous behavior
Woods, Stuart.
The hunting trip : a novel of love and war
Butterworth, W. E. (William Edmund), 1929-
When the moon is low : a novel
Hashimi, Nadia.
Point blank
Michaels, Fern.
House of the rising sun
Burke, James Lee, 1936-
Candy corn murder
Meier, Leslie.
Last ragged breath : a novel
Keller, Julia.
Away in a manger
Bowen, Rhys.
Girl waits with gun
Stewart, Amy.
A fatal chapter
Barrett, Lorna.
All dressed in white
Clark, Mary Higgins.
The pharaoh's secret : a novel from the NUMA files
Cussler, Clive.
Wishes for Christmas
Michaels, Fern.
Scottoline, Lisa.
My grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry : a novel
Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing
Kondo, Marie.
The things we keep : a novel
Hepworth, Sally.
The bitter season
Hoag, Tami.
The promise
Crais, Robert.
Malice at the palace
Bowen, Rhys.
Golden age
Smiley, Jane.
An Irish doctor in love and at sea
Taylor, Patrick, 1941-
Shopaholic to the rescue : a novel
Kinsella, Sophie.
Foreign affairs
Woods, Stuart.
The golem of Paris
Kellerman, Jonathan.
The stranger you know
Casey, Jane (Jane E.)
The lady from Zagreb
Kerr, Philip.
An Irish country Christmas
Taylor, Patrick, 1941-
Being Nixon : a man divided
Thomas, Evan, 1951-
Happy is the new healthy : 31 ways to relax, let go, and enjoy life now!
Romanelli, David.
The outsider : my life in intrigue
Forsyth, Frederick, 1938-
The friends of Jesus
Kingsbury, Karen.
Once in a great city : a Detroit story
Maraniss, David.
The light of the world : a memoir
Alexander, Elizabeth, 1962-
American ghost : a family's haunted past in the desert Southwest
Nordhaus, Hannah.
Head case : my brain and other wonders
Cohen, Cole.
Master thieves : the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world's greatest art heist
Kurkjian, Stephen A.
Unforgettable : a son, a mother, and the lessons of lifetime
Simon, Scott.
Between you & me : confessions of a comma queen
Norris, Mary (Editor)
A new season : a Robertson family love story of brokenness and redemption
Robertson, Alan, 1965-
Rumor has it
Hodges, Cheris F.
Dog crazy
Donohue, Meg.
The bazaar of bad dreams : stories
King, Stephen, 1947-
Depraved heart
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
A Christmas escape : a novel
Perry, Anne.
Murder with fried chicken and waffles
Herbert, A. L.
The Bourbon kings
Ward, J. R., 1969-
Falling for June
Winfield, Ryan.
The Darling Dahlias and the eleven o'clock lady
Albert, Susan Wittig.
Come to harm
McPherson, Catriona, 1965-
A good killing : a novel
Leotta, Allison.
Kill 'em with cayenne : a spice shop mystery
Oust, Gail, 1943-
Town in a sweet pickle
Haywood, B. B.
Poison ivy : a Martha's Vineyard mystery
Riggs, Cynthia.
Bite the biscuit
Johnston, Linda O.
The taming of the queen
Gregory, Philippa.
An appetite for violets
Bailey, Martine.
The gift
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Baby, you're the best
Morrison, Mary B.
The Readaholics and the Falcon fiasco
DiSilverio, Laura A. H.
Amherst : a novel
Nicholson, William.
Huckleberry harvest
Beckstrand, Jennifer.
A high-end finish
Carlisle, Kate, 1951-
A finely knit murder
Goldenbaum, Sally.
Senseless acts of beauty
Higgins, Lisa Verge.
Finding Jake : a novel
Reardon, Bryan.
The other side of midnight
St. James, Simone.
Her name is Rose : a novel
Breen, Christine, 1954-
Dexter is dead : a novel
Lindsay, Jeffry P.
Balogh, Mary.
Murder on the Champ de Mars
Black, Cara, 1951-
Pride v. prejudice
Hess, Joan.
Darned if you do
Ferris, Monica.
Mad, bad, and dangerous in plaid
Enoch, Suzanne.
1920 : the year that made the decade roar
Burns, Eric.
How to be a husband
Dowling, Tim, 1963-
Seeking serenity : the 10 new rules for health and happiness in the age of anxiety
Enayati, Amanda.
The sugar smart diet : stop cravings and lose weight while still enjoying the sweets you love!
Alexander, Anne (Anne Adele)
Bettyville : a memoir
Hodgman, George.
Capital dames : the Civil War and the women of Washington, 1848-1868
Roberts, Cokie.
Phenomenal : a hesitant adventurer's search for wonder in the natural world
Henion, Leigh Ann.
The promise of home
Chan, Darcie.
The sympathizer
Nguyen, Viet Thanh, 1971-
The third wife : a novel
Jewell, Lisa.
The well : a novel
Chanter, Catherine.
Murder on Amsterdam Avenue
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.)
This old homicide
Carlisle, Kate, 1951-
Silent melody
Balogh, Mary.
Water from my heart : a novel
Martin, Charles, 1969-
Trick or deadly treat
Washburn, L. J.
The water knife
Bacigalupi, Paolo.
A Kim Jong-Il production : the extraordinary true story of a kidnapped filmmaker, his star actress, and a young dictator's rise to power
Fischer, Paul.
Hammer head : the making of a carpenter
MacLaughlin, Nina.
The story : a reporter's journey
Miller, Judith, 1948-
30 lessons for loving : advice from the wisest Americans on love, relationships, and marriage
Pillemer, Karl A.
Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the Underground railroad
Foner, Eric, 1943-
The story of Fester cat : how one remarkable cat changed two men's lives
Magrs, Paul, 1969-
Happiness by design : change what you do, not how you think
Dolan, Paul, 1968-
Rescue at Los Baños : the most daring prison camp raid of World War II
Henderson, Bruce B., 1946-
The song
Fabry, Chris, 1961-
An Amish cradle : four novellas
Mademoiselle Chanel
Gortner, C. W.
Almost famous women : stories
Bergman, Megan Mayhew.
Assault and pepper
Budewitz, Leslie.
Last days of the Condor
Grady, James, 1949-
Still the one
Shalvis, Jill.
A midwinter's tail
Kelly, Sofie, 1958-
Frog : a novel
Mo, Yan, 1955-
Sisters of heart and snow : a novel
Dilloway, Margaret.
Night night, sleep tight : a novel of suspense
Ephron, Hallie.
A fireproof home for the bride : a novel
Scheibe, Amy.
Cuba straits : a novel
White, Randy Wayne.
Angelica's smile
Camilleri, Andrea.
Rogue with a brogue
Enoch, Suzanne.
The hunter killers : the extraordinary story of the first Wild Weasels, the band of maverick aviators who flew the most dangerous missions of the Vietnam War
Hampton, Dan.