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New Books

The Woman in the Window The Woman in the Window
Finn, A. J.
Getting Off Getting Off
Garza, Erica
Light It Up Light It Up
Petrie, Nick
Single Girl Problems Single Girl Problems
Bain, Andrea
The Bomb Maker The Bomb Maker
Perry, Thomas.
Earl Interrupted Earl Interrupted
Forester, Amanda.
Hot Shot (North Ridge #3) Hot Shot (North Ridge #3)
Halle, Karina.
The Jaguar Bodyguard The Jaguar Bodyguard
D'Arc, Bianca.
Love Until It Hurts Love Until It Hurts
DeSousa, Carmen.
Indecent Exposure The Academy Indecent Exposure The Academy
Bailey, Tessa.
Moonlight Sins Moonlight Sins
Armentrout, Jennifer L..
Hellbent An Orphan X Novel Hellbent An Orphan X Novel
Hurwitz, Gregg.
The Woman in the Window A Novel The Woman in the Window A Novel
Finn, A. J..
Dangerous Mating Dangerous Mating
Taiden, Milly.
Treasure Hunters: Quest for the City of Gold Treasure Hunters: Quest for the City of Gold
Patterson, James.
Stewart, JM.
Iron Gold Book 4 of the Red Rising Saga Iron Gold Book 4 of the Red Rising Saga
Brown, Pierce.
Sunday Silence A Novel Sunday Silence A Novel
French, Nicci.
A Meddle of Wizards A Meddle of Wizards
Rushe, Alexandra.
City of Endless Night City of Endless Night
Preston, Douglas; Child, Lincoln.
The Widows of Malabar Hill The Widows of Malabar Hill
Massey, Sujata.
Elizabeth Elizabeth's Wolf
Leigh, Lora.
Every Dog Has His Day Every Dog Has His Day
McKinlay, Jenn.
Overtime for Love Overtime for Love
Williams, Synithia.
Her Beautiful Monster The Ravi PI Series Her Beautiful Monster The Ravi PI Series
Tantimedh, Adi.
Carnegie Carnegie's Maid A Novel
Benedict, Marie.
Jet: Renegade Jet: Renegade
Blake, Russell.
The Spring Girls A Modern-Day Retelling of Little Women The Spring Girls A Modern-Day Retelling of Little Women
Todd, Anna.
Say My Name A Novel Say My Name A Novel
Huston, Allegra.
The Perfect Nanny A Novel The Perfect Nanny A Novel
Slimani, Leila.
Till Death Till Death
Armentrout, Jennifer L..
American War A Novel American War A Novel
El Akkad, Omar.
Seduction and Surrender Seduction and Surrender
Gibbs, C.C..
The Modern Library Writer The Modern Library Writer's Workshop A Guide to the Craft of Fiction
Koch, Stephen.
A time-travel guide to the land of Jesus A time-travel guide to the land of Jesus
Martin, Peter (Religious educator)
Nuremberg Nuremberg
Biddle, Francis
Emancipation of a Black Atheist Emancipation of a Black Atheist
Evans, D. K.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
McDonagh, Martin
Horse Soldiers Horse Soldiers
Stanton, Doug
All-American Murder All-American Murder
Harvkey, Mike
Remodelista Remodelista
Guralnick, Margot
The Longevity Diet The Longevity Diet
Longo, Valter
Trumpocracy Trumpocracy
Frum, David
When--The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing When--The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
Pink, Daniel H.
Before the Chop III Before the Chop III
Rollins, Henry
The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl
Holliday, Tess
Harpoon Harpoon
Katz, Samuel M.
Treating People Well Treating People Well
Bernard, Jeremy
The Great Regression The Great Regression
The Motivation Manifesto The Motivation Manifesto
Burchard, Brendon
Ranger Games
Blum, Ben
Single State of Mind
Dorfman, Andi
Beautiful Scars
Wilson, Tom
Everyday Chic
Sims, Molly
Ohler, Norman
Fire and Fury
Hansen, Randall
Draft No. 4
McPhee, John
World Without Mind
Foer, Franklin
Of Mess and Moxie
Hatmaker, Jen
Lady Killers
Telfer, Tori
Tell Me More
Corrigan, Kelly
I Will Find You
Kenda, Joe
The Life Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson, Leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang
Fiorito, Joe
The 10-Day Plan to Nourish & Glow
Freer, Amelia
The Everything Ketogenic Diet Cookbook
Boyers, Lindsay
All you need is love : celebrating families of all shapes and sizes
Collins, Shanni.
The discovery of America
Stilton, Geronimo.
Paperback: Early readers
Paperback: Picture books
Revenge of the angels
Ziegler, Jennifer, 1967-
The Usborne complete Shakespeare : stories from all the plays
Milbourne, Anna.
Follow me back
Geiger, A. V.
Les lowriders
Caswell, Deanna.
Les motos tout terrain
Caswell, Deanna.
Les muscle cars
Caswell, Deanna.
Les dragsters funny car
Caswell, Deanna.
Les dragsters top fuel
Caswell, Deanna.
Les hydroplanes
Mangor, Jodie.
Le lapin et son terrier
Raum, Elizabeth.
L'orang-outan et son nid
Raum, Elizabeth.
L'ours et sa tanière
Raum, Elizabeth.
L'oiseau et son nid
Raum, Elizabeth.
L'abeille et sa ruche
Raum, Elizabeth.
Le castor et sa hutte
Raum, Elizabeth.
As-tu rempli un seau aujourd'hui? : le bonheur quotidien expliqué aux enfants
McCloud, Carol.
Paperback: Board books
Book/CD sets - Stories for younger children
Woof & Quack in winter
Swenson, Jamie.
Meet Woof and Quack
Swenson, Jamie.
The Celts and all that
Burnett, Allan, 1977-
Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875.
Bear rescue : true-life stories
French, Jess.
Amazing women
Jenner, Caryn.
McAuliffe, Bill.
Paperback: Board books
Paperback: Early readers
Paperback: Picture books
Stick or twist
Janes, Diane.
How to behave in a crowd : a novel
Bordas, Camille, 1987-
Small hours : a novel
Kitses, Jennifer.
Aisas ate Osiris = Isis and Osiris
Casey, Dawn.
Pandora ka dabba = Pandora's box
Barkow, Henriette.
Ro na, Salai = Don't cry, sly!
Barkow, Henriette.
Jennings, Linda.
Collodi, Carlo.
Alice in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis.
The white fluffy cat = Chitte walan wali billi
Keymaram, Manucher.
My first picture dictionary.
Two friends = Do dosta
Elahi, Leila Hakim.
Suno ji, Suno = Listen, Listen
Gershator, Phillis.
Chidi te ka = The sparrow and the crow
Kaur, Gurmeet.
Chidi te Pippal = The sparrow and the Pippal
Kaur, Gurmeet.
Baal bagicha
Manupuri, Mohinder Singh.
Tom ate Sofia ne school jana shuru kiya = Tom and Sofia start school
Barkow, Henriette.
The Penguin dictionary of literary terms and literary theory
Cuddon, J. A. (John Anthony), 1928-1996.
Propose your book : how to craft persuasive proposals for nonfiction, fiction, and children's books
Fry, Patricia L., 1940-
Iskwewak kah' ki yaw ni wahkomakanak : neither Indian princesses nor easy squaws
Acoose, Janice.
Fire up your writing brain : how to use proven neuroscience to become a more creative, productive, and successful writer
Reynolds, Susan (Linda Susan)
Thug notes : a street-smart guide to classic literature
Sweets, Sparky.
The Oxford dictionary of literary terms
Baldick, Chris.
Somebody with a little hammer : essays
Gaitskill, Mary, 1954-
South and West : from a notebook
Didion, Joan.
Develop your writing voice : the complete guide to creating a presence on the page & engaging readers
The complete handbook of novel writing : everything you need to know to create & sell your work
Finishing school : the happy ending to that writing project you can't seem to get done
Tennis, Cary.
Arthur and Sherlock : Conan Doyle and the creation of Holmes
Sims, Michael, 1958-
Scratch : writers, money, and the art of making a living
Thrill me : essays on fiction
Percy, Benjamin.
Keys to great writing : mastering the elements of composition and revision
Wilbers, Stephen, 1949-
The magic words : writing great books for children and young adults
Klein, Cheryl B., 1978-
Against everything : essays
Greif, Mark, 1975-
Love from boy : Roald Dahl's letters to his mother
Dahl, Roald.
The kite and the string : how to write with spontaneity and control-- and live to tell the tale
Mattison, Alice.
Known and strange things : essays
Cole, Teju.
The best of Funny, you don't look like one
Taylor, Drew Hayden, 1962-
Just write : creating unforgettable fiction and a rewarding writing life
Bell, James Scott.
How to write like Tolstoy : a journey into the minds of our greatest writers
Cohen, Richard, 1952-
Redeeming the Kamasutra
Doniger, Wendy.
Better living through criticism : how to think about art, pleasure, beauty, and truth
Scott, A. O., 1966-
The abundance : narrative essays old and new
Dillard, Annie.
The literature book
The art of x-ray reading : how the secrets of 25 great works of literature will improve your writing
Clark, Roy Peter.
You will wear a white shirt : from the northern bush to the halls of power
Sibbeston, Nick.
Writing your novel from start to finish : a guidebook for the journey
Bates, Joseph, 1972-
The author's toolkit : a step-by-step guie to writing and publishing your book
Embree, Mary, 1932-
The Sherlock Holmes book : big ideas simply explained
Spellbinding sentences : a writer's guide to achieving excellence & captivating readers
Baig, Barbara.
Steering the craft : a twenty-first- century guide to sailing the sea of story
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-
The essential Ginsberg
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997.
Mahabharata : a modern retelling
Satyamurti, Carole.
Ten windows : how great poems transform the world
Hirshfield, Jane, 1953-
The clothesline swing : a novel
Ramadan, Ahmed Danny.
Keeping up with cheetah
Camp, Lindsay.
Phrases for school.
The little Red Hen and the grains of wheat
Hen, L. R.
Handa's Surprise
Browne, Eileen.
Once upon a time
Elahi, Leila Hakim.
Ali baba and the forty thieves
Attard, Enebor.
Bindi baby : Rang = Colors
Bindi baby : Jaanvar = Animals
Bindi baby : Gintee = Numbers
Sahota, S. K.
Welcome to the World baby
Robert, Na'ima bint.
Nina's birthday = Nina da janamdin
Vachhani, Ajit.
Little Red Riding Hood.
Floppy in the dark
Van Genechten, Guido.
The lonely Mia = Udas Mia
Smith, Carol.
What's in a name?
Carter, Susan.
Tales of the mouse & the snake
Singh, Bhagat.
Tales of the parrots & the berries
Bedi, S. S. Vanjara.
Handa's hen =Handa di murgi
Browne, Eileen.
Sikh shaheed
Tuli, Pritpal Singh.
Rail di kahani
Lakha, Malkiat Singh.
Deva baal Punjabi da
Dhaliwal, Kewal.
Janamdin de uphar
Prasad, Gitanjali.
Mamta di murat
Suri, Kulbir Singh.
Ena vada sach, ena vada jhuth
Ooraa airra eeree.
Katha ek agyat deep di = The tale of the unknown island
Patte hi patte
Shyamala, S.
Motho de ghungroo
Singh, Baldev.
Mera bat kithe hai?
Tendolkar, Meera.
Jangal de sher
Singh, Jaswant.
Daadi maa dian kahanian
Suri, Kulbir Singh.
Baal yodha
Singh, Sukhdev Grewal.
Nikkiyan kahaniyan vadde vichaar
Sharma, T. R.
Pehelwaan ji
Jaiswal, Sanjiv.
Bindi baby : Rang = Colors
Basava ane tamtamiyaa
Chadha, Radhika.
Bholu jyaare paachho aavyo
Punniyamurthi, Kavitha.
Nani chaalya gaya
Rao, Chatura.
Sinh chaalyo vaal kapaavva
Shome, Swati.
Dukhi chando
Gattu kem gunchvaayu gayo
Makhija, Devashish.
Jain, Alankrita.
Sooraj kyan che?
Subramanyam, Niveditha.
Madhmakhi master
Mani, Lata.
Munna ane Maharaja
Gilani-Williams, Fawzia.
Surajdada hodiman betha
Darji, Govind.
Pakshistan no nahaan ramtotsav
Padamsi, Shamim.
Bindi baby : Aankdaa = Numbers
Luchchun pankhi
Tiji ane cheenu = Tiji and cheenu
Thomas, Meenu.
Somvaarthi ravivaar sudhi
Rajendran, Sowmya.
Mara dadajini laakdi = My grandfather's stick
Nayar, Nandini.
Aana ane chena = Aana and chena
Rajendran, Sowmya.
Jain, Alankrita.
Tame aa joyun chhe? = Have you seen this?
Navaneeth, Arthi Anand.
Rasprad Kishorkathao
Kadikar, Yashvant.
Tapako ane jadui champal
Vijaliwala, I. K.
Latest science quiz
Patel, Ramesh.
Samjnani varta
Pandya, Bhavesh.
Pyari pyari chitramaya balvartao.
Rasamaya bodhak balvartao
Sabaras chitramaya balvartao.
Mulla Nasruddin
Pedhamlikar, Kanu.
Vanparinun zanzar
Hedau, Natvar.
IELTS practice tests plus 3 with key
Matthews, Margaret.
Vismaykarak vishwa
Ramanuj, Jagruti.
Morpinchh vartao
Ramanuj, Jagruti.
Chalo, varsad jheeli laiye!
Nishal etale majha j majha
Rajendran, Sowmya.
Tey kyan gayun? = Where did it go?
Nayar, Nandini.
Dhoolini vaarta - Hawa
Kalro, Anushka.
Tapukni vaarta - Paani
Kalro, Anushka.
Chaalo jhaad ropiye
Eshwer, Vinod Lal Heera.
Reengnniyon Jojo = Purple Jojo
Qureshi, Sameera Zia.
Patangnu jhaad
Mehta, Avanti.
Leemdaanee neechay
Anuradha, P.
Vyas, Tanaya.
Mahapurushona prerak prasango
Shah, Mukund P.
Varta zarmar
Ramanuj, Jagruti.
Ekvis balnatikao = 21 one act plays
Mehta, Vanlata.
Alif Laila
Patani, Rajan.
Purusharth kathao
Kalarthi, Mukul.
28 Tachookadio
Dave, Rakshabahen P.
Majano vartakhajano
Murthy, Sudha.
Mane vanchava do
Shah, Narendra Kantilal.
Chaturi kathao
Naik, Harish.
Safaltano marg
Shah, Mukund.
Vishwani mahan matao
Patel, Sankalchand.
Laxman hasyo kem?
Naik, Harish.
Paramar, Ishwar.
Akkal badi ke bhens?
Parmar, Vasantlal.
Natubhai Thakkar ni sadabahar kishorkathao
Thakkar, Natubhai.
Himmanav : Navo birbal granthmala 2
Naik, Harish.
Mankodano safo
Bhatt, Gira Pinakin.
Balwani, Hundraj.
Macwan, Yoseph.
Dadano dangoro
Pandya, Bhavesh.
Shukla, Bansidhar.
Birbal hashe, badshah fashe : Navo birbal granthmala 4
Naik, Harish.
Pankhionan vanman
Raichura, Shailesh.
Ratilal S. Nayakni Sadabahar kishorkathao
Nayak, Ratilal S.
Yashvant kadikarni sadabahar kishorkathao
Sankalchand patelni shreshtha balvartao
Himatsinhni Kimat : Navo birbal granthmala 1
Naik, Harish.
Bawa aadamno khajno
Rider-Heggard, Henry.
Dorrie, Doris.
Pippi Lambe Moze
Lindgren, Astrid.
Nanhi kangaroo
Genechten, Guido van.
Chhutku gadha aur yaku ka janmadin
Haeringen, Annemarie Van.
Papa, chalo jangal mein
Majaluoma, Markus.
Sara aur uske nanhe bhoot
Robberecht, Thierry.
Kinder, Jan de.
Arjun aur uska gaon
Barker, Carol.
Anokhi ka naya dost
Appelgren, Tove.
Pim aur Pom : Ek sahasi karnama
Westendrop, Fiep.
Mai Akela
Orbeck-Nilssen, Constance.
Nacho, Nana!
Valeur, Tiril.
Man ka sukh
Sharma, Yogendra Nath.
Dum-duma-dum Biryani
Tirthapura, Gayathri.
Rakshas, muje mat khao!
Norac, Carl.
Taron ke niche tara
Kumar, Mala.
Schmidt, M. G.
Dost ya Dushman
Braenne, Trond.
Panch dost
Braenne, Trond.
Jui mausi ki beti
Purandare, Madhuri.
Dabang gaay hamaari
Devi, Mahashweta.
Ud Chali
Rajendran, Saumya.
Kaagbhagodon ki thitholee
Padamsee, Shamim.
Kanna panna
Whitaker, Zai.
Kathaigal vazhi vertvivertai
Yaanai savaari
Mariyathairaman kathaigal
Thamizh pulavar kavi kaalamegam
Amuthan, Poovai.
Paati sonna puthisaali kathaikal
Vaithiyanathan, Saroja.
Meri Curie
Tension kuraikka uthavum vazhimuraikal
Balu, Priya.
Sarkarai noi (nivaranamum unavu muraiyum)
Balu, Priya.
Ella noigalukkum veetu vaithiyam
Arokkiyam tharum asaiva soup vakaikal
Kumari, J. S.
Nathigam Vs Aathigam : Arthamulla Uraiyadal
Agathialingam, S. P.
Thiri kadugam elia maruthuvam
Kanna, Gomu.
Asaththal pongal vagaigal 99
Mooligai samayal
Arokkiyam tharum arputha unavugal
Udal nalam kaakkum unnatha unavugal
Idhaya noyaaligalukkaana unavu vagaikal
Udal arokkyathirkaana udarpayirchigal
Sharma, Bala.
Nala vazhvin padigal naangu IV part (Vazhkkai)
Rhamhalinghan, M.
Velayai kadhali
Kathikeyan, R.
Veetilaeye kaai kari thottam amaikkum muraigal = Home garden cultivation
Devnath, C. S.
Poriyalar agungal...Poriyiyal pattathirkku mattumalla
Palaniyappan, Sivakkumar.
Vellai unavukal arokkiya unavukala?
Ennai illaa samayal vagaigal
Suvaiyaana saiva samayalgal
Neengalum vetriyalar aagalam (Manithanaga...)
Mailavelan, Mailam S.
Ithu nam kuzhandhaigalin vakupparai
Jeyaseelan, Su. Ma.
Rao, C. Subba.
Sarkkarai noyaaligalukkaana unavu vagaigal
Uyir iyal
Senthamizhan, M.
Valarum kuzhandhaigalukkaana thittamitta aarokkiya unavu vagaigal
Thaneer :Oru aatral mikka marunthu! = The wonder of hydrotherapy!
Kalapirarkalai vendra pandiyan
Vivekanandhan, N.
100 curries - 100 tasteful South Indian curry preparations in simple Tamil
Anantharaman, Rajam.
Udal elaikka iyarkai vaithiamuraigal
Janarthanam, N.
Vaazhkaipatta bhoomi!
Nachimuthu, A.
Saruma noigalukku iyarkai vaithiam
Acharya, P. S.
Damuvin microven samayal Saivam-Aasaivam
Siruthaaniyu samayal vol. 1
Badrinath, Malika.
Siruthaaniyu samayal vol. 2
Badrinath, Malika.
Mysore muthal poes garden varai
Agamadhu, Nibash.
Udal paruman kuraiya ethai unbathu? Yethai thaaverpathu?
Srinivasan, L. N. M.
Sulabamana muraiyil asaiva samayal
Loganayagi, R.
Ungal kuzhandhaikalai sirantha muraiyil valarpadhu
Balan, Murali.
Konjam sindhiyungal!
Rajkumar, S.
Vaitru vali kudalpun kunamaga 8 vazhikal
Oru kadhai oru vidhai
Singaram, Ramkumar.
Adarthiyana thalaimudi pera iyarkai vaithia muraigal
Sambandam, Swami.
Vadanaattu samayal
Chettunattu asaiva samayal
Uchimudhal paadham varai azhagu kuripugal
Baalu, Soorya.
Thirumana vaazhvil vetri pera sirantha yosanaigal
Seenan, Jayarani.
Thyroid noiku iyarkkai maruthuvam
Arokiyam tharum ananntham
Swamynathan, T.
Udal nalam kaakum siruthaniya samayal
Ungal kuzhanthai paththirama?
100 vagai saadham kuzhambu
Anantharaman, Rajam.
Arokkiyam tharum mulai thaaniyam nunaa kani kai
100 vagai tiffin = 100 varieties of Tiffin
Anantharaman, Rajam.
100 varieties of sweets
Anantharaman, Rajam.
Magaththana pazhankalum maruthuva kunankalum
Suvayaana saiva sitrundigal
Rajam, S.
Asathalana kuzhambu vagaigal
Ilaingargalin vazhigatti abdulkalam
Kavinesan, Nellai.
Noigalai virattum moligaikal !
Aadhavan, M.
Kuraintha selavil alagup pennaga
Aadhavan, M.
Endrum illamaiyudan irukka pengalukkana yogasanangal
Sharma, Bala.
Pengalukkaana palsuvai kurippugal
Subbulakshmi, M. S.
Suvaiththu makizha suvaiyaana palakaara patchanangal
Suvayaana Chinese samayal
Manavalan, Devi.
Karpakala alosanaigal
Baalu, Soorya.
Arogiyam tharum sirudhaniya samaiyal
Sekar, Deepa.
Azhagu arokkiyathirkketra yogasanangal
Sharma, Bala.
Ungalukku maradaipo moolathakko yerpadaamalirukka 8 vazhigal
Raghunadhan, T. K.
Virunthukku yeatra vithavithamaana asaiva samaiyalgal
Thalaimain thanisirappu
Marimuthuraj, Er. A. G.
Thirunelveli samaiyal
Aduppilla arokkiya samayal
Suvaiyana siruthaniya unavugal
Kanna, Gomu.
Simonila Kirasthra
Srirangam, Madhavan.
Sukanya seitha mahaththana sadhanai
Sinivasan, Akni.
En nenjil nee niranthai
Kadhal maaligai
Puratchi paathayil pudhumai pengal
Chandra, Devi.
Ivargalukkum idhayamundu!
Selvaraj, Saithai.
Thaimaikku oru thavam!
Vennila, Ma. Eramaiya So.
Ponnana neram punnagai vaazhkaiyum!
Devendra, M.
Thodarnthu varum droham!
Sundhar, N. Vivekanandhan.
En anbana swethavukku
Khan, Naushad.
Unathu kankalil enathu kanavinai kaana pokiren
Vinoth, Bindhu.
Sorkalin meethu enathu nizhal
Achcham thavir uchcham thodu
Rengasamy, Varalotti.
Urimai izhantha uravu
Rathnasamy, Dhurai.
Soundarrajan, Indra.
J. J : Thamizhagathin irumbu penmani
Karuppu vellai vaanam
Fathima thantha mannippu.!
Kannan, S.
Kudumba nalluravu
Frances, Rubi Valanreena.
Varadarasanar, M.
Vithavai enbathal vilven endru ninathtayo
Shelamani, V.
Ammaveetukku pogiren...
Man kudisai
The Red umbrella = Sivappuk kudai
Nayar, Nandini.
Little frog = Kutti thavalai
Paul, Ranjitham.
Tiji and Cheenu = Tijiyum Cheenuvum
Thomas, Meenu.
Manangavarum Panchathanthira kathaigal
Puviyarasu, Kavingar.
Minminigalaipol minnalaamaa?
Deshmukh, Nabanita.
Keezhey oru ulagam, meley oru ulagam
Ghosh, Padmaparna.
Vidai serkkum vilayaattu!
Sumitran, Neha.
Vimaanangal parappathu eppadi?
Sarawagi, Aditi.
Nilavoli maayajalam Arabia iravugal
Parakkum manithan
Thuran, Pe.
Jaadavvin kaadu
Varma, Vinayak.
Ippadiyum oru pasu
Devi, Mahasweta.
Paati poyvittaal
Rao, Chatura.
Varutthamaana nila
Menon, Saraswathi.
Munnavum maharajavum
Gilani-Williams, Fawzia.
Cirikkavum, cintikkavum, mullā kataikal
Tamilpriyan, Ira.
Magizhzhi kathaigal
Narayanan, Veda.
81 arivurai kathaigal
Krishnan, Rama.
Avvaiyar ponmozhigal
Suyambulingam, Mu.
Ayal naattu adhisayak kadhaigal
Srinivasan, Venu.
Neethi Pugattum Kuttik Kadaigal
Ennodu vaa nila
Rajarathinam, Tirumathi Lakshmi.
Sooriyan enge?
Subramaniyam, Niveditha.
Pottu sottuvin kathai : Neer
Kalro, Anushka.
Kuttikkallin kathai : Boomi
Kalro, Anushka.
Amma enge?
Nayar, Nandini.
Neelaththin rahasyam
Khakhani, Myuriel.
Vaa, maram nadalaam
Eshwer, Vinod Lal Heera.
Va mazhai pidikkalaam! = Chalo, baarish pakdeini!
Ishwar, Vinod Lal Heera.
Muthu vithuvin kathai : Boomiyin merparappu
Kalro, Anushka.
Siriyin sirippu
Amrendran, A.
Neeluvin periya petti = Neelu's big box
Nayar, Nandini.
Jakirathe! = Watch out!
Padamsee, Shamim.
Iyandhiraṅkaḷ Iyaṅguvathu eppadi?
Maama, Vaandu.
Sanjeevi maama
Elango, Ko. Ma. Ko.
Kuzhznthaigalukkana kutti kathaigal
Ithaliya naadodi kathaigal
Thalai keezhey = Upside down
Rajesh, T. R.
Oru manthira payaṇam Arabia iravugaḷ = Magical journey of Arabian Nights
Gajapati kulapati
Rajagopalan, Ashok.
Jain, Alankrita.
Korika enra pattam
Kolluru, Shatatha.
Bala, Aravind Krishna.
Kathadi maram
Mehtha, Avanthi.
Kuppu yaen kuzhambinaan
Makhija, Devashish.
Miga thidippaana maambazham
Shetty, Malavika.
Satyavin padagu
Majumdar, Saraswathi Nandini.
Anuradha, P.
Bindi baby : Number
Bindi baby : Colors
Myth of the maker
Cordell, Bruce R.
Devil's breath
Malliet, G. M., 1951-
The Holver Alley crew
Maresca, Marshall Ryan.
Death by chocolate Lab
Blake, Bethany.
Fatality by firelight
Cahoon, Lynn.
Kneaded to death
Archer, Winnie.
Monahan's massacre
Johnstone, William W.
A study in sable
Lackey, Mercedes.
Dinam oru uyir
Soundarrajan, Indra.
Amma oru kolai ceytaal
Unnudan naan...Ennudan nee...
Prabhu, Viji.
Vinnaith thoduvaya
Derishankari, Puthuvia.
Unakkul en uyire!
Ranjan, Ramya.
Teddy bear kadhal
Johnson, Femila.
Sonthamai vantha sorgamae
Alocious, Inba.
Kalapa kadhala
Murali, Sashi.
Vizhiyal mozhi solla vaa...
Ashok, Anu.
Nathiyai aval odamai naan!
Sethalakshmi, N.
Oru nathiyum...Iru karaiyum...
Suresh, Megna.
Kanavil un mozhi
Lakshmi, Nisha.
Nesappoovin narumanam
G, Chithra.
Poomalaiyil or malligai
Sokkalinkam, Kalaivaani.
Natchathira viligalile vaanavil
Nizhalaay thodarven
Mezhugu poove
Jegan, Sindhulakshmi.
Antha vaanam enthan vasam
Shymala Kopu, G.
Vizhiyorak kavidhaikal
The very quiet cricket
Carle, Eric.
Perfect remains
Fields, Helen, 1969-
L'égout du risque
Roux, Paul, 1959-
Coupe du monde à Mexico
Osborne, Mary Pope.
Le vœu secret de Ludovic
Roberts Jaibi, Noha.
SOS Cendrillon
Potvin, Marie, 1971-
Sois belle et tais-toi!
Rivard, Émilie, 1982-
Mystères et "full" de gommes
Guilbault, Geneviève, 1978-
Le secret des fleurs de lotus
Stilton, Thea.
Princesse de la nuit
Stilton, Thea.
Les aventures de Marco Polo
Stilton, Geronimo.
Dans la lave jusqu'au cou!
Stilton, Geronimo.
Un vampire sans sang-froid
Stilton, Geronimo.
Pyjama party au manoir des Star
Addison, Marilou, 1979-
Des personnages... à croquer!
Guilbault, Geneviève, 1978-
Les manigances de Cloé
Charlebois, Aline, 1955-
Peut-on adopter un bébé terriblosaure?
Stilton, Geronimo.
Les découvertes de Papille au Maroc
Monticone, Ugo, 1975-
La vérité toute moche
Kinney, Jeff.
The borrowed
Chan, Ho-Kei, 1975-
A farewell to ice
Wadhams, P.
Ageproof : how to live longer without breaking a hip, running out of money, or forgetting where you put it--the 8 secrets
Chatzky, Jean Sherman, 1964-
Panjwan sahibzada
Singh, Baldev.
Sharat Chander dian sareshat kahanian
Chander, Sharat.
Sukhbir dian choviyan kahaniyan
Singh, Baldev.
Raat da chehra te hor kahanian
Garg, Raj Kumar.
Sharma, Bhagwatikumar.
Premno padchhayo
Joshi, Vrajlal Hirji.
Devayani - Yayati -1
Patel, Pannalal.
Vaghela, Anil.
Chandragupt Maurya
Lal, Dilipkumar.
Anant ansh
Sutaria, Sweta.